When creating an email account do not include the @ or the information after it.  For example, if your site is and the email you are trying to create is, then in the form to create an email enter test as the email and NOT

If a member wishes to upgrade/downgrade their account then they should first login to both the capture page software members area, as well as the payment processor (exa: PayPal's) members area.  They should first cancel their account within the payment processor's members area.

This will suspend their account in the capture page software preventing them from being able to login, but it will not log them out of the software if they are already logged in.

They can then go to the Billing page and click the payment button for the package they wish to upgrade to.  If they logged out, then they can signup again at the order page that they placed their original order at. 

As long as the email they make payment with from the order page matches the email in the capture page software then it will unsuspend their existing account.  It will take them to the create an account page where they fill out the form to create a capture page, but they do not need to fill out the form because they already have an account, their old account will be unsuspended, and the payment attached to their existing account.

GMail, Yahoo, and many other ESP's often do not show images in an email unless a person clicks a link saying it's ok to show the images.  If they don't click that link and images are never shown within the email then it will not track the message as being opened.  Also, if the email is not an html email it will not track the message being opened.

1- go to advanced fetures 

2- go to upload thump link 

3- make sure the photo (Best Results 196x187)

It's not possible to edit the content that appears when a person clicks the help icon.  However, it is possible to disable it under Advanced Features in the Misc section.  Also, it is possible for you to create your own set of instructions by editing the template files in the uploads/admin pages folder.

It's EASY as 1,2,3...
Just go and COPY+PASTE
the following code within theof your web page:

 <script type="text/javascript" src="flowplayer-3.0.2.min.js">script>

Put the following code where you want the video to play. Replace the url with the url to your video (video must be flv or mp4). Replace the width and height with the width and height of your video:

<a href="" style="display:block;width:330px;height:248px" id="player"> a> <script> flowplayer("player", "flowplayer-3.0.2.swf"); script>

After you've logged in, click the "Capture Pages" icon on the left hand side.  It will then show you a list of all the available capture pages.  Click the "Make Primary Page" button beneath the thumbnail of the capture page to make it your primary capture page.

 Below are the default settings for aweber once it has been changed then aweber wont work.


If the section you want to edit is editable through the software, then when editing the page, you have the option to turn off the editor in the top right of the page.  You can edit/copy/paste html code directly here.

The part of the page which is not editable through the editor in the members area can be edited through the File Manager in the WMT Client admin.  If there is content which is in the software's editor, but you do not want to use the editor in the software and prefer using the File Manager, as long as the content is not editable by your member we can remove it from the editor and have the entire file edited only through the WMT Client admin File Manager.

In your members area, go to the "Advanced Features" page, then click on the "Misc" tab, then put the url for your webinar page in the "Redirect Page" field.
Put the full url, including http://. 
Also, put ?user=~ausername~ at the end of the url so that it will take it to the appropriate member page.


In order for you to change/edit whatever content you have in your current capture page, you have to go to edit pages and click on the thumbnail that shows your current page and it will redirect you to our editor. From there you can change the content of your page.

If you want to redirect your capture page into your website, you can do it under your personal info. Fill out the redirect url, and all your contacts will be redirected to that url after they have filled out the form on your capture pages. If you want to put a specific redirect url to a specific page, go to edit pages, click the thumbnail of the page you wish to edit, and on the upper portion of editing the page, fill out the redirect url and it will redirect that specific page to that specific url.

Yes, you can do so by editing the adminpages template file for createuser.html.  In the WMT Client Admin, go to the File Manager for your site, then go to the uploads/adminpages folder.  Edit the create.html file.  You can remove all the html code from inside the body of the page and replace it with something that says "Loading...", or whatever you choose (or leave completely blank).  Then, inside of the body tag put: onLoad="window.location=''".

The amount of support request credits a task will take, depends on several factors:

  • The price per a credit is cheaper depending on the amount of credits purchased.  Purchasing $100 worth of credits can significantly lower your price over ordering $15 worth of credits.
  • The amount of credits deducted for time spent depends on who is performing the task.  On Jan 1st, 2012, our highest paid worker is 12x as many credits per a minute than that of the lowest paid worker.
  • Premium hosted sites pay a lower per credit price than regular hosted sites.
  • Regular host sites pay a lower per credit price than sites we don't host.

Total Price = (Amount of Time Spent) X (RATE OF WORKER PERFORMING TASK)

The amount of time a support request will take varies.  If requested, we can provide a rough estimate of the time it would take and who can perform it.  Only time spent on the task itself, or researching the task (when necessary for foreign software/api's) is deduced from your balance.  Time spent in initial communicating and giving an estimate are not deducted (except for foreign software/api's).

To help clear things up, below are examples of hourly rates for 2 employees based off their rate and prices on Jan 1st, 2012.  The range:

Chris Brevig $60-$95/hr
Kathreen Catalogo $5-$9/hr

Our hope is that we can provide a wider range of services, by offering different rate bases dependent on employee, and also help even workload as demand rises.

Currently, below are the differences between regular and premium hosting:

  • Regular hosted sites only get 500 support request credits a month, and premium sites get 2000.
  • Regular hosted sites have a higher price per additional support request credits than premium sites.
  • We allow premium hosted sites to have larger videos uploaded to their site.
  • Premium hosted site's support requests and tasks are handled first.
  • Premium hosted sites are able to upgrade to the newest version of our software on their own through the members area without paying an upgrade fee.
  • If a premium hosted site has email delivery issues, we are more flexible with transfering it to a new IP.

All sites are backed up the same and have the same site performance (load time).  We have extended our backup feature to regular sites (even though our sales page says it is only for premium).  We thought about it and believe everyone needs this functionality, however, sometime in the future we will improve functionality with the backups and it is possible that some of the new functionality will only be for premium sites.

On January 1st, 2012, we switched to using credits, rather than minutes, as our billing model for time spent on support request credits.  This allows us to charge different rates for different workers.  500-1000 support request credits translates to roughly $4.50-$15 depending on what rate you pay for credits (premium sites get credits cheaper than regular sites, and regular sites are cheaper than non hosted sites).  Also, if you host with us, you already receive some credits each month with your hosting (500 month for regular sites, and 2000 month for premium sites).

It's not possible to create, you would have to add a blank landing pages.

We cannot setup Word Press ready opt-in forms but, we can create ready-to-go opt-in forms that someone can copy and paste code to their own site. We'd need specific details about the forms to continue.

It's not possible to delay it 11 seconds (without editing the audio file itself to have 11 seconds of blank), but it is possible to have it automatically play.
What is the full url of the page so that we make sure we apply it to the correct page?

I have not heard that jw5 player works with all mobile devices.
It's possible, but I would double check with them to be sure and understand what percentage it works for (exa: Does it work for iPhones).
Last time we researched the only player that worked on many phones was YouTube, and you would need to upload to YouTube.
Also, you can create a version of the video compatible with cell phones and allow someone to download and watch,
without streaming the Video within the page without and they would have to click a link to download
and then have to open it up separately.

With regular payments (not direct payments) it's possible for you to setup yourself through the Member Area, yourself.  When using Direct Payment it is possible to do it by manually creating the button (a bit technical) and is something we can do for you as a support request for 750-1500 credits.

If the video has a specific place that it should sit (and they can't move it around) then we can create a separate editable section which is only for the video, so they would paste their embed code into it, rather trying to place it inside the html of the other content (making it less confusing as they won't need to worry about where inside the html they should paste the code).  Also, there is an icon in the editor for pasting a youtube url.

Instead of:


Yes, you can edit the get starting guide. While logged in as the admin go to Manage Resources

and access the option to edit the getting started guide by clicking the notepad icon.

YES, if you are using a Team Software.

If you are using a Pro Software then check and make sure the package that the free member belongs to has Member Program turned on (Go to Manage Member Packages,

then click the notepad icon link to edit it; there is an option with a drop down).

If their subscription was with PayPal or AlertPay then their account within the Software is automatically suspended.
If they purchased with a different payment processor then you would need to manually suspend/delete them.
also, if setup silent post it will automatically suspended the accounts

Under advanced features

in the email settings you can change the broadcast frequency.

In the FlowPlayer code you use change this:

flowplayer("player", "flowplayer-3.0.2.swf");


flowplayer("player", "flowplayer-3.0.2.swf", { clip: { autoPlay: false } });

When logged in as an Member there is an option to delete Members in the menu on the bottom right.

When using multiple FlowPlayer videos on the same page, the first step is to give each additional video beyond the first one a different id.  You can do this by changing "player" to something different with each video.  So, call the first one "player1", the 2nd one "player2", etc.  There are 2 places inside the code for each video where you will need to change "player" at.

A customizable page means that you are able to edit the page through the members area using the WYSIWYG editor.
We can have either the entire page editable, or only specific sections of the page.
Also, you can define which parts of the page you wish to allow Members to edit.

The WYSIWYG editor is the same editor used when creating resource pages.

Yes. As the admin, you can create your own set of autoresponder messages. 

Go to Edit Autoresponse messages under the ADMIN section which is located upper right of your members area. Click that button and you'll be redirected in these page: . So from this page, you can add several autoresponse messages. You can have series of autoresponders assign to different capture pages. In order for you to edit an autoresponder message, just click on the edit icon in line with the autoresponder message you want to edit. The meaning of Icons are being shown on the upper right part of your members area. 

Yes, you can go into the File Manager in the WMT Client Admin and make the changes there.
To do this, in the WMT Client Admin go to the page for your site and on that page in the top right is a yellow button titled "File Manager".
When you click on this you can see all the files uploaded to your site and can upload new images (or replacement images) there,
as well as make changes to the css files, php files, etc.

You would follow the same instructions for using multiple pages at the same time.
In addition to that, when editing each page you would set your Aweber list name there (instead of "My Personal Info")
allowing it to have each capture page put the contacts into a separate list.

If you will be accepting payments with First Data or, then yes we advise getting an SSL certificate, and you very likely could be required to get one anyways.
If not using either of those payment processors for this software, then it is not needed.

Go to the url below:

Application Name = Whatever you want to call it.  It will ask permission from the payer and show whatever you put here on that page.
Application Website = Your domain name.  Exa:
OAuth Callback URL =
Payment Callback URL =
Payment Redirect URL =

Replace with your domain name.  Do not include www.

Check the boxes for:
Account Information – Includes name, profile picture and user ID
Transaction Details – Access detailed transaction information
Balance – Summary of your balance
Send Money – Allows money to be pulled out and sent to your contacts

Create the application.  After that it will show you your key and your secret.  Send both of those values to us.

No, your site will only go down if we are transfering it.  An upgrade does not put the site down.

No, we are not able to block an email address.  We can only block IPs.

When logged in as the admin go to "Advanced Features". 

Then, in the "Misc" section change "Software Is Free" to "Yes".

You can upload the webinar videos through our File Manager in the WMT Client Admin.

The best way is to go to Manager Resources and setup resource pages.  You can specify which package is allowed to view a resource page, blocking other packages from seeing it.  You can also apply a access level only allowing packages with that access level or higher to see the page.

An Member can mark someone that owes them a payment by going to the graphical lineage report.
On the graphical lineage report Members who have not paid will appear red.

Click on the red icon and then on the next page you will see a link on the right side where it says how much the Members owes you.
You can click on that link and then manually enter the payment amount you've received.
After you have completed this and marked an Member in your downline as paid they will still show as red as if they hadn't paid.

Also, in the view Members report they will still show as suspended.
The next time they attempt to login it will see that they are marked as paid and will change their status from suspended to active.

The amount of time it takes to modify a replicating PDF varies depending on what type of changes we are making.  Handled as a support request it typically takes 150-300 credits to add a new page to be edited (not including edits to the page).  Edits to the page typically take 150-450 credits per an individual replicating item that is added or moved.  Making modifications within a paragraph typically involved rebuilding the whole paragraph and takes from 250-1500 credits depending on the complexity.  Adding the same text in the same spot on multiple pages typically takes 40-80 credits per an additional page.  If there are more than a couple basic edits being made, and if you do not have any existing credits, you will want to buy at least $50 in credits as $15 wouldn't be sufficient and would cause a delay in completing.  If there are significant changes to an existing PDF it can often be best to purchase a new replicating PDF.

First, login and go to the edit page for the capture page you wish to add a third party autoresponder to. 

In the right side click "Setup 3rd Party Autoresponder".  Select the autoresponder you wish to use from the drop down. 

Based off which autoresponder you select, it will ask you for details (like your List Name) for the 3rd party autoresponder you wish to use.  Enter your details then click "Save".

Yes, you can modify the signup page to have less fields.  All of the fields are required, but you can replace them with hidden fields and give them a default value (exa:  You can make a hidden field for address and give it the default value of "111 Main St" and then after they've joined they can go back and change it).  The minimum fields you can have on the create account page is:

Technically, name is not required (but we do not recommend removing it).  Also, technically you could give them a default password, but we do not recommend that either.

When logged in as the admin go to "Advanced Features". 

In the "Misc" section there is an option called "Login Redirect URL". 

You can change this to the page you want a person to see when they first login.  If this is left blank it will default to the members area home page (account.php).

If you are trying to redirect Members that login to a page with instructions,
the easiest approach is to create a resource page with the instructions,
and then to set that resource page as the "Login Redirect URL" under "Advanced Features".

First off, you will need html knowledge to do this.

To modify the content of the create account page you would edit the adminpages template file located at /uploads/adminpages/create.html.
Below is a document explaining in more detail how adminpage templates work:

You can modify new downline notification, new commission notification without any issues.  You should not turn test payments on except if you are doing a test payment.  While test payments are on real payments will not work and vice versa.

You can add many, but not every third party autoresponder.
For example, constant contact cannot be added this way because their software does not support the method we use,
however, we do have a plugin for constant contact.

If I had to give an estimate, I would say 75+% of the autoresponders we've encountered could be setup using the method we use.

Once logged into the members area the Member would go to the "Share".
From there they would need to go to the graphical lineage report.

Depending on your settings, they may already be taken to that page when they click the "Share" button.
On the graphical lineage page inside the "Share" they would click on the icon for the Member they wish to mark as paid.
From there, on the right side they will see a link that says "Amount Owed to YOU:" and specifies an amount.
Click on this link, and it will take them to a page where they can enter the payment amount received.

Yes.  When logged into the members area as the admin go to "Advanced Features". 

In the "Commission Tracking Plugin Settings"

change the value for "Members Can Mark Paid" to yes.

You need to use the Aweber list name and not the ID#.  We do not have an Aweber so we cannot be more specific.  If you continue to have issues, send us the login for your Aweber and we'll take screenshots and do a clearer tutorial.

Yes, you can edit the html of the pages through the file manager in the WMT Client Admin.  Log into the WMT Client Admin, go to your site, then in the top right is a yellow button for the file manager.

  • When logged in as the admin go to "Advanced Features".
  • Click the "Commission Tracking Plugin Settings" tab.

  • Change "Default Lineage View" to "Table Report".

No, it is not possible to change the filename of a page through editing it in the softwares members area.
This is something that needs to be done through advanced features and also through the file manager.
We can create a support request to do it for you if needed.

To make a page so that it will not show the edit option when logged in as the admin go to "Advanced Features". 

Scroll all the way to the bottom and click the edit icon next to the page which you don't want to be editable.

Then change the field "Members Can Edit Page" to "No".

The header for the members area should be 996x265.
The bottom 75px needs to be completely white (the title and back to my account will sit on this white space).

This leaves the size of the header which can have graphics... Dimensions: 996x190.

Different users have different monitor sizes, so there is no specific size that would work for every monitor.
Also, different monitors have different aspect ratios, so stretching would end up having, and there is no way to make the image look good on every monitor.
The most common monitor resolution is 1280x960

There is no minimum or maximum size for the order button image.  It can be any size you provide.

No, the commission is not distributed automaticly.
However, there is an export to csv report that can be used to create a file that can be imported into PayPal to pay everyone at once.
This report is at the bottom of the "Share" page when logged in as the admin.

On the Share page (aka Share Center)

Click on the Commissions link (aka Earned).

When logged in as the admin go to the "Share" page.
There will be a button to add a tier.  Click this button to add however many tiers (levels deep) that you will pay.
If only the person that referred the new Member gets paid then you would only need one tier.
After clicking the button to add the tier a box will appear where you can earn the percentage of the entire sale that the Member should earn.

It's currently not possible to change that setting.  You would need to submit an upgrade request to make the change and it would go through our normal upgrade process.

To prevent issues, the "Email Type" should be set before adding any messages.
If switching from HTML to Text it changes the way the messages are created and sent.
However, it doesn't change the messages you've already created.  So, what you end up with is a bunch of messages which have HTML code showing in the message because when those messages were created they were created with HTML.

You will need to go through and remove the HTML code from the messages.
We can also create a script as a support request to go through and convert all your messages at once if needed.

Such a script would cost extra support request credits to setup and perform.
For more details and to view Price-List < Click here >

Further, it will also strip the HTML code out and gets most items right, but there is no warranty on the results,
and you will need to spot check the messages as the conversion is not perfect.

Cookie tracking sets it up so that if an contact visits the home page OR enters a bad username OR visits the admin's page, that it will check if a cookie exists from them visiting an member site in the past.  If the cookie exists (meaning they've previously seen an member page), then it will redirect them to the member primary capture page.
If you turn off cookie tracking then this will not occur.

No, there is no email that is sent, however, it shows them a message on their screen saying their payment was declined and when they login it will take them to make payment.

YES, you can send an email to all of your contacts or specific contact groups from the members area.
On the left hand side of the page click on send broadcast message.
Here a person can select to send to all of their Contacts, or a specific contact group that has been setup.

The option to order the membership does not appear automatically.  You have to add an option for it.  To add a new billing option when logged in as the admin go to "Manage Billing" and there you can add a billing option and specify which membership it is for.  The default setting is it automatically adds the order button to the bottom of the page /admin/order.php.  You can also position the button anywhere in the order page, or in any other editable capture page, by using the ~~ code specified for the order button.

Yes.  There are 2 ways to do it.  You can either have it as an upgrade in the members area after they have already joined OR you can have it as a separate option that they initially signup for.

Getting the Membership ID
First, either way you do it, you will need to get the membership ID of the membership you are adding as an option.  To do this, when logged in as the admin go to the "Memberships" link.  Click the link to edit the membership you are adding.  At the top of the browser in the url bar you will see the ID at the end of the url.  For example, if the url is membership.php?id=3, then your id is 3.

Adding an Upgrade Option
To add an upgrade option in the members area you will need to create a link to the upgradepackage.php page that has the package id embeded in the link.  For example, if the package id is 3, then the link would look like: upgradepackage.php?id=3

Adding a Purchase Button
To add a purchase button to any page outside the members area, you will need to make a link to the create an account page that has the id of the membership embeded in the link.  For example, if the membership id is 3, then the link to your create.php page would look like: create.php?user=~username~&package=3

Under Advanced Features in the Emails Settings section there is an option to edit it.

  1. When logged in as the admin go to "Advanced Features".
  2. Click on the "Misc" tab.
  3. Put the full url (including http://) of the page you want someone redirect to inside the "Contact Us Redirect URL" field.

The IP would allow you to start building your own reputation for sending emails.  There are several things that can be done to help email delivery.  The largest factor is your reputation (what percentage of the emails you send are read vs marked as spam).  Also, getting members to whitelist their email with their email service provider (Yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc) helps.  Also, we can setup Sender IP, DKIM, and apply for whitelists with providers that allow it.  Most providers require a 3 month history before applying.  Return Path ( offers email certification which helps with delivery with many providers.  They charge $200-$500 annual fee, plus a setup fee, and require you to have a history of 3 months of emails being sent.

Once you have selected a template, copy and paste the url and email it to us. We will send an invoice for the template and note your selection.

Within AlertPay you need to add the site in the Websites section under Business Tools.

You will need to have an SSL certificate installed to use First Data.  Once installed, the instructions for setting it up is:

  1. Login to First Data
  2. In the 'Support' drop down select 'Download Center'
  3. Click 'Download Now>>'
  4. Put your tax id and click the download button next to 'For Web Service'
  5. Open the zipped file and inside of it open the file that ends with .auth.text and you will see the username and password listed in it. If you are unable to open the zip file send it to our support department for installation.

They would go to the page below.  Replace with your domain name:

Under "Advanced Features" in the "Misc" section you will want to put System Is Free to Yes if you are not charging your Members.

This feature allows you to have your Members receive text messages to their cell phone each time they receive a new contact with the new contacts information. 
In order to set it up you need to sign up for an account at and then enter your Google Voice login information under Advanced Features.

Each of the smaller memberships (packages) would need an access level of 9 or less. The umbrella or big membership (package) that included all the smaller memberships (packages) would need to be set to access level 10.

If you know PHP you can go into the file manager and make the changes. PHP for forms can be found at If you are not familiar with PHP the best way to accomplish this would be a support request.

NO, at this time the setting to send multiple broadcasts in one day is not available.
You will need to request as a support request or upgrade request.

Yes, during a trial someone is still able to qualify for commission.

You can hard code the redirect, which will cause ALL Members to have to redirect to the same place (they can't change where the redirect), in the members area under advanced features. If you are setting only your redirect this is done under my personal info. Each Mmeber will have to set their own redirect if they wish to redirect somewhere else.

Yes, using Access Levels it is possible to have memberships, and "Master" memberships having access to all the items in the memberships below them. 
You can also have multiple levels of this type of "extending" access (where the higher the membership, the more items you get access to).

Yes, kinda.  In the past we built out such a feature (long long ago). 
There wasn't much of a demand for it, and we stopped supporting it, however I still have the old code and could add it to your site. 
It would need to be modified to work correctly, but we wouldn't need to start from scratch.

When logged in as the admin go to "Tropo Credit Assign".  Here you will see a list of all of your Members and the ability to modify the amount of credits they have.  You can give Members credits here.  Everytime an Member sends a message using the Tropo broadcaster a credit is deducted from their account.  If the Member has no credits, then none of their messages are sent.  This allows you to control how many text/voice messages Members can do and prevent them from racking up a large fee from Tropo.  If desired, you can setup your own billing outside of the Web Marketing Tool Software and bill your Members for additional credits, but you will need to manually add any credits they purchased.

Under advanced features,

click on the email tabe, and change double optin to yes.

There is an icon on the left side of the editor that allows you to insert a table.  Once you've inserted the table, it will have a semi-clear border around each cell allowing you to see where the table is and where each cell is.  Then, click inside of one of the cells and you can start typing text into the table cell.

There is a form builder, similar to Aweber, where you can build a form then get the code to copy/paste on your personal site.

Reverse 2-UP - Every Members must pass up the second and fourth person they refer to their sponsor.  Example: Member A refers Members B, C, D, E and F in that order.  B is kept by AC is passed up to A's sponsor.  D is kept by A.  E is passed up to A's sponsor.  F is kept by A and anyone that signs up after F is also kept by A.

It starts at $0.002 an email, and becomes less expensive based off volume.  Below is a page explaining more:

When logged in as the admin go to "Tropo Credit Assign" and you can add credits for Members there.

- Login to the Web Marketing Tool Member Area.
- Click on the site you wish to purchase credits for
- Expand Support Credits by clicking on the +
- Expand Purchase Support Credits by clicking on the +
- Click on the amount of support credits you wish to purchase (Keep in mind that you recieve a discount with the purchase of the larger packages.)

Under "Manage Resources" you can create pages that only members can see.  With a Pro system you can also specify which package is able to see the page.

Yes. When logged in as the admin:

  1. Go to "Edit Autoresponse Messages"
  2. Click "Edit Create New Account Email"
  3. On that page you can edit the content of the email sent after someone creates an account at

To edit autoresponse messages (like the welcome email), go to edit messages where autoresponse messages can be viewed. Then, click on the edit icon to see the editor. In the editor the content of the autoresponse messages can be edited. Below the editor are the codes the can be used to add dynamic information to your email. The days you want the email to be sent after an Members initial signup can be setup.

See it in Action for Yourself

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