Every page in the members area has a template file which can be edited giving you nearly complete control over how the members area looks.
You can go in and make the customizations yourself with html knowledge, or you can submit a support request and have us make the changes for you.
Support requests are billed by the minute.
Your monthly hosting subscription includes monthly support request minutes plus you can buy additional minutes and more additional features...
See our Price List for more details and PRICES (Click here to view)

If there is functionality or new features you need developed for the software you can submit an upgrade request.
Upgrade requests can be used to add ANY new functionality to our software.
Upgrade requests prices depending on the complexity of the request (See PRICE List).
Upgrade requests take 2-6 weeks to complete and Test.

Yes, You can add Audio or Video Files to your capture pages.

Yes, you can have your contacts go directly into your aweber or getresponse account.

Yes. We can install your existing capture page or capture pages designed by other designers into our software.

Yes, You can have multiple capture pages.

Yes. We can have your capture page redirect to a replicating thank you page or a replicating website.

Yes, infact you will need to purchase a domain name if you don't have one. A domain name doesn't cost much...

See our Price List for more details and PRICES (Click here to view)

We purchase dedicated servers through iWeb and our servers are hosted with them in Canada.

Yes you can. You can use either AlertPay,, or Paypal for free.
If you want to use a different system or your own merchant account, typical charges very low but vary depending on the complexity of setup.

See our Price List for more details and PRICES (Click here to view)

If you have paid to have our branding removed you can use the following name servers:

We also accept methods of payment other than PayPal. 
Write us what product you are trying to purchase and we will send you detailed payment instructions.

The templates below are for automobiles.

We also have several MLM templates with cars and money which we can rework for auto sales and we are constantly making templates if you wanted to put in a request.  Below are our current templates:

You can add almost UNLIMITED Pages...

You can put unique content on each template, but you can only use each template once. We have 500+ templates, including several blank ones where you can copy content from one page to the next then modify it for a different opportunity. In September 2011 we release the ability to have multiple versions of the same template.

Yes, you can start preparing items before making payment. We won't actually start on the project until payment is made, but we can start collecting items and let you know questions/issues, so once payment is made we can complete things quicker.

Yes, you can add Videos and also Audio to most of our capture pages.

YES, we even have Templates for this THEME

Please look through our Template Catalog
We also have many video templates and blank pages that you can easy add your video to.

Our replication process works with the following steps:

  1. An member pays you (the owner of the system) directly to your PayPal, AlertPay or some other account (skip this step if are giving away free accounts).
  2. Once payment is made, the member is taken to a page to create an account using the same email they used to pay with.  If the software is free, then anyone can create an account without first making payment.
  3. Once they have created their account, they are then setup with their own replicated webpage(s), and are able to login to the members area to manage their contacts and their settings.

The capture page would live on our site,  When you join you select a username, and your page would be based off your username.  For example, if the username you choose is successathome, then your page would be  If you purchase a domain name through a company like, then we can have the site setup on your domain.

We do not have specific requirements, but we have ran our software on a server with only 256mb of memory.  Any dedicated server will be fine, and we have not had any issues with cloud servers either.  We have not yet tested VPN's but do not see any issues as long as the memory is 256mb, and it could possibly even work on a server with lower memory.  A lot depends on the amount of traffic your site generates and the amount of emails being sent.

We typically advise hosting with us.  Hosting with us allows you to use the newest version of our software; and ensures you can always upgrade.  Our servers are setup in a way that makes it easier for us to upgrade your site(s). We can upgrade a site on our server in (1) minute or less.  Updates on a 3rd party site it can take hours.  In the near future we will stop releasing updates for 3rd party servers, because our software will begin using more advanced features (Exa: dynamically creating email accounts) requiring hosting on one of our servers.

Advantages Of Hosting With Us

  • Use the newest version of our software.
  • Support request credits are priced lower.
  • No need to modify settings on your server or worry about compatibility issues.
  • You are allowed to participate in upgrade requests where you can request additional functionality for our software.
  • We offer support for email delivery issues, backup management, and keep your server up to date
  • Enjoy increased speed when altering or upgrading your site, increased troubleshooting speed, and reduction in server setting conflicts with our software.T
The Cloud Server Alternative

We also have the ability to set up on your own cloud server that is managed by our staff.  On the cloud server we setup SFTP for you allowing additional access.  Also, on a cloud server we offer discounts for bulk email.

It would work out most cost effective to reactivate your existing subscription.
There is a $50 reactivation fee, a $50 domain transfer fee
(if the domain name of the new system is different from the old one, which is most probably the case).

Also, there would be a small fee for installing the pages and any other assistance needed.
Overall, it should cost less than $50.

Yes.  You can also use AlertPay,, and First Data.

Solid Trust Pay is supported by the Direct Payment plugin starting with version 4.03.  However, Solid Trust Pay does has a difficult setup for subscription payments, as well as limited tracking,  and we only recommend using them for 1x payments.

No, you do not own the rights to the software/code.

Instead, you are given a license to use the software on your domain for the lifetime of the domain.
Under no circumstances do we release non encrypted code for our software.

There is a $20 fee to reactivate it.  Also, if you have an outstanding invoice and it is inactive for more than 30 days the fee increases to $50.

We also offer AlertPay.  Also, we can setup payment through our site if needed through credit card.

Yes.  We have the original PSD files for 90%+ of our templates and can modify them for you.  The price would depend on the amount of modifications needed.  We would handle the modifications as a support request.  It typically costs $10-$40 for modifications to our templates.  On the lower end if just basic text changes.  On the higher end if replacing images or moving/modifying the form.

A dedicated server would require a minimum of 1 year contract, and starts at $100/mo including 5tb of bandwidth a month
(more for a performance server, which is rarely needed).

A cloud server can be done on a monthly basis and is $0.18/gb of bandwidth plus $30/mo.

To purchase additional capture page templates:

  • Login to
  • Click on the sites tab
  • Select the site link for the site you wish to add pages to
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to purchase items for your software
  • Under install page you can purchase capture page templates

Yes, we can install PLR content.

Yes, we offer hosting, support, and do regular backups for sites we host.

Yes, the members area is fully customizable for you to change graphics/text/etc.
The software has been translated into other languages and the same feature allowing the translation also allows you to remove/retitle anything on the page.

Yes, Members can export their contacts to a csv file.
As the admin you can export all of your Members to csv or also export all of the contacts for all of the Members to csv.

Yes, you can send individual messages to both your contacts and your Members.

Payment goes directly to you into whichever merchant account you setup (PayPal,, etc).  The bill we send you for hosting is something separate which you pay separately.

Disclaimers/W-9 are not included as a feature, however, you are able to add them to your software yourself.

Yes, you are able to import both contacts and Members from a csv file.  You can also allow your Members to import contacts themselves via a csv file.

Yes, the autoresponder can contain the details for the Members/Contacts using ~~ fields (exa: ~firstname~).

To allow your Members to edit the autoresponse messages themselves you would either need a Pro system OR you would need the Editable Autoresponder Plugin.  With the Pro software, you can turn the ability for them to edit the message On/Off under Advanced Features

(Advanced Features->Email Settings->Allow Edit AR).  With a Team software with the Editable Autoresponder Plugin we need to manually modify it so that Contacts can edit the messages themselves.

All of our products are a one time fee except for the hosting. The products themselves are a one time fee.

YES, You can have as many capture pages as you want. If you want, you can have each capture page have it's own unique set of autoresponse messages.
You can chose capture page templates from our current list at

If you already have a page designed that you would like added to your software it can be installed.
The installation of a basic page cost extra (see our Price List).

You do not need to purchase a blank template and "copy" the page over.

For more details and to view Price-ListClick here >

Yes, you can have each product have it's own commission.  You can also have it where different packages get different commission payouts for the same product.

We do not yet support autobilling, but we hope to support it in the near future.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

To create an upgrade request:

  1. Log into the WMT Client Admin.
  2. Go to the page for your site.
  3. Click the "Site" tab to open it (if it is not already open).
  4. Click on the "Upgrade Requests" tab.
  5. There you will see a form to create your upgrade request.
  6. After your upgrade request is submitted we will review it and then send an email detailing how many credits it will take and which version it would be included it.
  7. Click the link in the email to view and approve the request.

It will not let you approve a request if you do not have enough credits.  To purchase credits send us an email specifying how many credits you would like to purchase and we will send you an invoice.

Yes, we do have tutorials for various items. Please write us what type of tutorials you specifically need and we eMail it to you. provides SMS (text messaging to cell phones) and pre-recorded audio broadcasting to any U.S. phone number for very low rates.  This allows your Members to send a broadcast to all of their leads, or all of their downline (when combined with commission tracking) at once to their phone as either a text message or voice recording from an mp3 file that is uploaded.

When logged in as the admin go to "Tropo Credit Assign". 

There you will see a list of all of your affiliates and a box where you can modify how many credits they have.

If you are accepting payments directly on your site (using or First Data), then yes, you will need an SSL Certificate.

We need to switch your software from Regular hosting to Paid hosting, and then you get an upgrade request each month with your hosting.

No, currently isn't possible to delete the directory, but we will add that ability within the next 1-3 weeks when making our next updates to the members area.

You can find more information on our software located on our website at:

We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have via email.

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