Refund Policy / Guarantee

Replication offers a pro-rated 3-day money back guarantee for all clients.

To obtain a refund the client must cancel in writing (by email) before the 3-day grace period expires. This should be followed by a phone call and leaving a message or sending a text message with the message of intent to cancel. In many cases work would have already begun and a 100% refund would not be possible. A prorated refund can be assessed and issued within 30 days.

The email must be sent to with the subject 'Stop Project Immediately'. Also provide in the email body the reason for cancellation. You can also submit a ticket with this request at the Support Desk.

The client is responsible to terminate their order with Replication Pro within that 3-day period. If this is not done, Replication Pro is under no obligation to issue a refund.